Waves at Daybreak Changing Towel


The Bamboo Flower Changing Towel, perfect to throw in your travel bag. Easy to pack, takes up no space and great for warmer destinations.

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Whether you plan to change in and out of your wetsuit, chill by the pool and stay warm while cruising on a boat, the Waves at Daybreak Changing Towel is your perfect travel accessory.  We specifically selected a thinner fabric to give you maximum packing space.  Not only is it super easy to pack, takes up hardly any space, but it is great for warmer destinations.  You will not want to leave your Waves at Daybreak Changing Towel at home.  It has a square pocket on the chest.  Simple, clean, functional and not to mention beautiful.

  • 42 inches from top of shoulder to bottom of garment, 32 inches across
  • Made in the USA. 
Weight 2 lbs



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