Surf Camp Feature: Sunrise Surf Academy

We recently, caught up with Sunrise Surf Academy to get the download on what they have to offer and here is what we learned about them.

Conor and Luc met as teenagers working at a surf school in Los Angeles. Propelled by their shared love of teaching and respect for the ocean, they set out to promote inclusivity and safety in the world of surfing. The ocean is a wonderful place meant to be explored by all; however, not everyone can do so safely. After studying at Cornell University and Claremont McKenna College, Conor and Luc started Sunrise Surf Academy to share the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary for people to safely play in the ocean. Luc’s family has been operating summer camps for 3 generations, and between the two, they had a combined 14 years of experience in surf camps before starting Sunrise Surf Academy.
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How long has your surf camp been in business?
This will be our second year in the camp business and our third year teaching surfing. The founders have been teaching surfing for 7 years each prior to starting Sunrise.

Tell us about the location(s). What is the area like?
We are based in the Los Angeles area with locations in Marina Del Rey, Venice Beach, and Will Rogers State Beach. Ranging from the tranquility of the Palisades’ Hollywood-esque cliffs to the world-famous Venice beach, each of these three locations has its own unique character. But are united in their magical allure.

Tell us about your surf coaches?
Our experienced and motivated instructors will provide you with an exceptionally safe and enjoyable learning experience. They are world-class instructors who are prepared to help all skill levels progress, from a first-time surfer to a lifelong shredder. We have, hailing from all over the globe, competition pros to big wave surfers on our team. Our instructor must complete an intensive water safety program prior to working with Sunrise. The program includes classroom-style learning, practice drills on the beach and in the ocean, and physical conditioning. Each instructor receives over 20 hours of safety-specific training regardless of their past experience. Additionally, we require valid First Aid and CPR certifications from the Red Cross and highly value lifeguarding and EMT experience in our hiring process.
Is this camp family friendly or geared more towards adult travelers?
We accommodate both but have made a huge effort to reach out to kids. Our surf camp curriculum was designed in consultation with experts in child development psychology, 3 generations' worth of experience operating summer camps, and over a decade of experience specifically in surf camps.

What kind of programs do you offer?
Sunrise’s proven approach to teaching surfing will have you shredding the rolling waves of Los Angeles in no time. So whether you seek the active experience of a private lesson, fun in the sun at surf camp, or a once in a lifetime ocean adventure, Sunrise Surf Academy will make your surf experience a special one. In addition to camp and lesson’s we do events! Whether it is a birthday party, corporate team-building exercise, or a sunset beach wedding, Sunrise Surf Academy has got you covered.

What kind of breaks are available?
Beach and the famous LA point breaks! We are committed to creating a safe camp experience that is flexible to the needs of the parents and campers. We are always happy to accommodate special break requests.

What is the crowd like at the breaks?
From celebrities to local dog town boys, our breaks are populated with the true LA characters.

What is the best time of year to go to your surf camp?
Summer! Warm waters, good waves, amazing vibes!!!

What are the benefits of going to your surf camp? 
Sunrise Surf Academy prides itself on the quality and quantity of the instructors. Our family is an open loving one in which surfing is our life! We are focused on the individual and giving personalized attention. Every moment with us is catered to you and your needs. 

Do you recommend guests bring their own surfboards? If you love your board as much as we love our own then yes! If not we got you covered.

What else should we know? Sunrise Surf Academy’s goal is to share life lessons that we have learned in our years of being in the ocean. Surfing has helped us become more confident, independent, and appreciative of the present moment. We take pride in being a catalyst for tangible change in the Los Angeles surfing community. Sunrise is focused on promoting equity, diversity, and sustainability both internally and through working with non-profits and neighborhood organizations. Cost should never get in the way of surfing, so we do not decline financial aid requests for surf lessons or camp. Last year alone, we donated over $20,000 in financial aid amounting to hundreds of days of surfing! We strive to continue to make surfing accessible for all. “Surfing is for everyone” is our motto and we truly live by it!

What is the best way for people to contact you?
Via email or phone
(323) 366-0070
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